Coven Nex (Latin for "Death Squad") began in the early days of Everquest on Druzzil Ro. CN grew to become a well recognized, well respected guild in the Druzzil community. For 4 years CN prospered and fostered the strong bonds of friendship which remain in our memories for a lifetime

We built a brief presence in Dark Ages of Camelot on the Gawaine server shortly after release. After a few months, however, we decided to go back to Everquest where we remained until Spring 2003. Everquest II followed suit and merged into a new guild named Twisted priorities. A small sect of players also started a chapter within Vanguard that lasted for only a year. Unfortunatley with the rename in EQ II and the quiet departure of the player base in Vanguard Coven Nex as we knew it met its end. However to this day I still start up a small chapter of Coven Nex in each MMO I play.

Coven Nex has graced many a game in its time, including but not limited to;
Everquest Live, Dark Ages of camelot, Ultima Online, Shadow Bane, Asherons Call II, Lineage II, FFXI, Horizons, World Of Warcraft, Everquest II, Star Wars The Old Republic, Guild Wars II, Rift, Elder Scrolls Online

For those of you that know me know I have been with Stormhaven Studios for the past 6 years working on the Embers Adrift MMORPG. I encourage everyone that longs for the gameplay of the old school Everquest games to check it out and make sure our progress stays on your radar. Stop in to our Discord and Say Hi! as you will see Cristo out and about chasing embers as time goes on.